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Window Mounted Litter Box

This new window-mounted litter box is a first-rate solution for your cat's laundry room, with an enclosed space for laundry and a hidden litter box tray, this top little office place is sure to keep your cat's home clean and organized.

Window Mounted Litter Box Amazon

This is a window-mounted litter box, it offers a comfortable design and makes you feel welcome. The box is likewise washable and dryable, it is top-of-the-heap for your cat. The enclosure extends a hidden treat box and a built-in litter pan, it renders a comfortable, firm design and is manufactured from durable materials. It is top-of-the-heap for your feline friend, and is a valuable place to keep their litter, this is a plunge-jointed box designed as an easier and more natural surrogate to keep your cat clean. The fix-a-litter box is Mounted on its side for uncomplicated assembly, the box imparts a small hole in the top for attaching a litter tag. The box is hideously designed with a single litters ability to fill up quickly and easily, but with the help of this box, your cat can finally have a clean cat room to live in. This is a window-mounted litter box from the cat family, it's a top-notch addition to your cat's home and offers them with access to the fresh air they love. The box is hidden in a difficult to see place, and offers privacy for your cat to handle the bathroom.